Success Stories

Web Security

Check out cases with WAF, Rate Limiting, API Protection, Anti DDoS applications and others from GoCache.

See how Grupo Evolua Educação has blocked more than 3 million malicious requests with the help of GoCache

See how Kenlo improved application security, gained scale and reduced cloud costs.

See how CREA increased the security of its web applications with GoCache resources

Understand how Dutra Máquinas mitigated DDoS attacks to keep its operation safe and scalable during Black Friday.

See in detail how CCM Pedido Online has been mitigating bad bots and DDoS attacks at layer 7 with GoCache tools.

Veja como a Assertiva otimizou a segurança web de suas aplicações utilizando recursos de segurança da GoCache.

Scale and cost reduction

Check out cases where we help reduce cloud and infrastructure costs and increase scaling power using GoCache products

Check out how Promobit, the biggest discount site in the country, reduced costs with AWS and CloudFront and even optimized its delivery in Brazil.

See how Ultrafarma gained power to scale and reduced over $25,000 / month in costs on Azure after migrating to GoCache.

See how the newspaper O TEMPO supported more than 420,000 simultaneous users on its portal during the 2020 elections.

See how the Tree reduced more than 70% data transfer out costs on S3 buckets after migrating to GoCache.


Check out cases where we help improve web application performance metrics, in addition to facilitating the daily lives of development squads

See how Yampi has been automating its entire CDN and Security operation via the GoCache Public API.

See how the e-commerce platform iSET gained power to scale for Black Friday.

See how we helped Habib’s Group reduce over 60% in LCP within minutes of switching to GoCache.

See how Signativa reduced delivery latency in all regions of the country via GoCache.


Confira cases onde ajudamos empresas a terem ainda mais visibilidade de suas aplicações web.

See how the largest communication conglomerate on the coast of São Paulo and Vale do Ribeira used GoCache's Edge Insights tools to optimize the performance and security of its website.

See how Easy Result improved application security, performance and health monitoring using GoCache Edge Insights.

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