Pentest &
Vulnerability Scan

Is your company really safe from web attacks? Discover vulnerabilities in your web applications before attackers can exploit security holes.

Why Pentest is important:

Pentests that effectively help identify and fix vulnerabilities in systems.

GDPR compliance

Pentests are important to ensure the security of personal data and compliance with the LGPD. Pentests help to identify and correct vulnerabilities in systems, protecting personal data and preventing data breaches that may result in fines and sanctions provided for by the LGPD.


Pentests can help ensure compliance with regulations and security standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and more, helping to identify and fix vulnerabilities so that companies can meet the security requirements demanded by different regulations.

Reduce CyberSecurity Risks:

Pentests are an important technique to identify and mitigate operational risks associated with the security of information systems, helping to identify vulnerabilities in systems and applications and allowing companies to take corrective measures before a real attack occurs.

Understand more about Pentest and Scan models performed by GoCache

Pentest White Box

Intrusion tests are carried out through an interview with the client, where the scope of action is defined, both external to the application and internally.

Pentest Black Box

Characterized by a real malicious attack, where our team makes multiple intrusion attempts on your web systems without any prior information.

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Pentest Gray Box

It encompasses the White and Black box strategies in the same test. It is mainly recommended for companies with greater security maturity that need a complete view of their web applications.

Vulnerability Scan

We run scans using our own and market tools, in search of vulnerabilities that could directly compromise your web applications.

Confira o depoimento de quem já é cliente!

“Contratamos recentemente o serviço de pentest da GoCache, isso nos trouxe uma melhor visibilidade em como tratamos as questões de segurança internamente, o time apresentou perspectivas diferentes para nosso time trabalhar com mais rigor. Como sempre, percebemos um profissionalismo exemplar do time GoCache, principalmente levando em consideração um assunto tão importante como este, onde a responsabilidade na manipulação de sistemas e dados é vital para o negócio.”

“Realizar um teste de penetração (pentest) com a GoCache foi um divisor de águas para a OnePlatform. Eles nos mostraram vulnerabilidades que não conhecíamos e nos orientaram sobre como melhorar nossa segurança. Este trabalho não apenas reforçou nossa defesa contra ataques, mas também aumentou a confiança dos nossos usuários. O processo nos ensinou a valorizar ainda mais a segurança, transformando-a em um pilar central do nosso serviço. Esse avanço significativo demonstrou o nosso compromisso em manter a plataforma segura e confiável para todos.”

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GoCache is Featured Contender at ISG Provider Leans™ 2023.

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Common questions

The second quarter of 2022 saw an all-time high in global cyberattacks. According to a survey by Check Point's threat intelligence division (NASDAQ: CHKP), there was a 32% increase in global attacks in the second quarter.

The data is even more critical in Brazil, where a 46% increase in attacks was observed, compared to the second quarter of 2021.

As you already know, at GoCache we develop products aimed at web application security, such as WAF, Rate Limit, DNSSEC, Edge Firewall and Anti DDoS Protection, capable of dealing with the vast majority of attacks, but still, there are security holes contexts that can be exploited by attackers.

Currently, our network serves more than 10 million unique users in more than 35,000 websites that travel through our network. All this volume of data has enabled us to understand the main patterns of attacks and consequently brought us a volume of information about contextual attacks that enabled the development of a new Pentest service, designed to explore and identify possible vulnerabilities and security breaches that only products security cannot mitigate.

Proof of this was our inclusion in the ISG Provider Leans™ Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Brazil 2022 report as a Contender within the Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection, Detection and Response 2022 quadrant.

Before starting the tests, it is necessary to sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that will guarantee the confidentiality of the information that will eventually be accessed by GoCache analysts. 

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