Real-Time Analytics

Follow the health of your application in real time and gradually optimize its performance and security. 

Why Real-Time Analytics is important:

Real-time analysis and ensure maximum performance and security in your applications

Real-time visibility into your delivery and security

Monitor your status code, bandwidth usage, volume of requests, security events, among others, in real time.

Track your data transfer and save costs

Know exactly your bandwidth volume and cache efficiency, optimizing your coverage and reducing infrastructure costs. 

Gain scale and reduce costs with dynamic caching

Follow the delivery of dynamic assets in real time and save costs with requests in your infrastructure. 

Easily identify 4xx and 5xx errors

Track your HTTP Status in real time and identify possible errors in a simple and efficient way. 

Track threats and intercepted requests in real time

See the volume of threats intercepted by WAF and Firewall and gradually optimize the security of your applications.

See your requests released and intercepted by Rate Limit

See in real time if your Rate Limit policies are efficient, analyzing intercepted and released requests. 

Let's monitor your applications 24/7 in real time?

Key Features:

See some of the information Real-Time Analytics can provide

Performance and scale: 

  • Data transfer 
  • Saved transfer
  • Saved pageviews
  • Bandwidth consumption
  • Source response time
  • Requests
  • Requests per second
  • HTTP Status
  • Cache Coverage
  • Average request size
  • HTTP error rate

Web security:

  • WAF Threats
  • Firewall Intercepted Requests
  • Actions taken WAF
  • WAF – Challenges (recaptcha)
  • Firewall – Actions taken
  • Requests accounted for Rate Limit
  • Requests Released Rate Limit
  • Rate Limit Intercepted Requests
  • Challenged Requests in Rate Limit (recaptcha) 

Granularity tweaks:

  • 1 minute to 1 year 
  • Day and time selection 
  • Selection of domains and subdomains
  • View by minute, hour or day
  • Integration with Public API

Success case in web monitoring

Real-Time Analytics GoCache

You and your team controlling your entire web environment in real time.

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