Bot protection

Bot protection is critical because bots can be used to carry out cyberattacks, gather sensitive information, send spam, and perform other malicious activities. Additionally, bots can overload a website or application, which can lead to performance issues and even system crashes.

It is also worth noting the importance of security against bots to ensure the privacy and security of website or application users.

Some reasons to protect your applications against bots


Avoid performance issues: 

Bots can flood a website or application with fake traffic, which can lead to performance issues and even system crashes.

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Prevent Unavailability

Bots can be used to carry out cyberattacks such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), which aim to overload a website or application with fake traffic, making it inaccessible to legitimate users.


Protect users' privacy:

Bots can collect users' personal information, such as email addresses and passwords, which can lead to fraud and other security issues.

And how do we protect against bots?

Bot Mitigation

Protect your applications from malicious bot activity that can result in data breaches, fraud and downtime.

Rate Limit

High request rates are suspicious. Block IPs that abuse your application.


Simplified protection against the top vulnerabilities and threats listed by OWASP.

Edge Firewall

Blocks made before reaching your infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing the scalability of your applications.

Success case stories:

See how Grupo Evolua Educação has blocked more than 3 million malicious requests with the help of GoCache


See in detail how CCM Pedido Online has been mitigating bad bots and DDoS attacks at layer 7 with GoCache tools.


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