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We accelerate and increase the organic competitiveness of your portal

GoCache CDN helps thousands of news and content platforms to get better results on the web, improving the user experience of their applications, reducing bounce rate, increasing engagement and giving more scale to their hosting infrastructure.

Some portals that rely on GoCache

How do we help content and news portals?


Optimize Web Vitals metrics with GoCache

The GoCache platform allows you to dynamically cache your news portal or content with almost no technical effort, enabling you to serve your always-up-to-date content to your readers and even improve your Web Vitals metrics. 

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Low latency and maximum performance in all regions of Brazil

Our platform allows you to configure cache expiration times with a granularity of seconds, ensuring that your readers receive your updated content, through several points of presence in Brazil.

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Deal better with spikes in access to your portal

Using full cache resources (dynamic cache) your application can gain scale power, allowing your portal not to lose performance or become unavailable in the most important moments for your business. 

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Reduce image loading time

Using GoCache's image compression and optimization resources, it is possible to convert your images to webP at the edge, use progressive JPEG resources and meta data removal. This is all done in GoCache automatically, without the need to change your website code. 

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Compatible with any CMS or proprietary application

The GoCache platform can be easily integrated via Plugin with WordPress in a few minutes. If you use your own CMS or other solutions like Joomla, Drupal, among others, just configure your cache and security settings in your GoCache panel. And if there is a need for integration, just use our public API. 

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Increased availability and protection against attacks​

The GoCache platform is prepared to deal with the main web attacks directed at news and content portals, ensuring that your application is always safe and available against DDoS attacks, Scraping, Bots Mitigation, among others...

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