Image Optimizer

Optimize your images, speed up your site's browsing experience, and apply SEO best practices.

Why Optimizing Images is important:

Your lighter images, your faster websites. No code!

Optimize your website speed and improve your web experience

Increase the opening speed of your websites and applications and improve your audience's browsing experience.

Progressive webP and JPEG images in seconds without changing your code

Convert your images to modern formats without having to change anything in your application.

Optimize your images and achieve better results with SEO

It is known that images represent a good part of the loading time of a page. Optimize and gain performance.

Customize the tool according to your business rules

Define different patches or directories with different compression levels without losing quality. 

Simplified Optimization:

Shrink up to 60% of your images without changing anything in your code

Notice the difference... just in the file size!

The optimization algorithm of the Lithio reduces the size of the images interfering minimally in their quality. Drag the cursor over the images in this section and see how the changes are practically imperceptible, despite the significant reduction in the volume of the files.

*Optimization at high level, with metadata removal and format conversion to WebP




598 KB



278 KB

53% reduction in file size!

Accelerating image loading even further:

Tempo de resposta do primeiro byte

Tempo de download da imagem



A GoCache atua aqui

O Lithio atua aqui

If you use GoCache, you already know that it lowers network latency for content delivery from a geographically distributed network of servers. That is, it decreases the time between the request and the response of the elements of a web page.

O Lithio arrived to complement this acceleration, reducing the size of the images on a page, and therefore their download time. Thus, the loading time of your website or web application is even faster.

Check out our content on the topic

Shall we optimize your images in a few seconds?

Key Features:

Customize compression levels, formats and determine which images should be optimized

Compression levels: 

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • No compression

Optimization features:

  • Optimize for webP
  • Optimize for Progressive JPEG
  • Remove metadata


  • Define different types of optimization within your application
  • Differentiate mobile and desktop users and optimize your images for each device

See how Habib's reduced over 70% of their image sizes using Lithium

Common questions

Lithio works integrated with the GoCache CDN. The platform is located on the network between the visitor and the website server. When enabled, images coming from the server are automatically cached, optimized according to the selected level and delivered by the nearest GoCache point of presence to the user, reducing bandwidth and latency in image delivery. 

Shall we optimize your images?