GoCache Managed Security

The GoCache Managed Security service is the ideal solution for companies that want to maximize the effectiveness of their web security products. As a complement to our suite of security products, we offer a comprehensive management service, ensuring that all your security solutions are running efficiently.

Nossa equipe especializada assume a responsabilidade de gerenciar e supervisionar todos os produtos de segurança que você adquiriu, permitindo que você se concentre no seu negócio principal. Implementamos as melhores práticas do setor para monitorar, atualizar e otimizar continuamente suas soluções de segurança, garantindo que elas estejam sempre protegendo seus ativos e dados de forma eficaz.

Some reasons to use the GoCache Managed Security service.


Vulnerability Scans:

We will periodically perform vulnerability scans in order to find vulnerabilities that could directly compromise your web applications.

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False positive handling:

The GoCache security team will evaluate security events and ensure that only malicious access is being blocked.


Continuous monitoring:

GoCache's NOC team will continuously monitor your web applications to ensure that only legitimate hits reach your hosting server.


Management Reports:

We will provide a monthly technical report with relevant information about the main attacks mitigated and the actions taken during that month, in addition to suggestions for continuous improvement to improve your company's web security practices.

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Consulting 1:1:

Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced cybersecurity experts who will hold monthly meetings to answer questions and present the security landscape of your web applications.

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How we protect your web applications:

Protection Without Borders: Our Managed Security offering can combine the power of state-of-the-art in-house products such as WAF, Bot Mitigation, Rate Limit, DDoS Protection, and more to create an insurmountable barrier against cyber threats. Rely on our comprehensive solution and let us protect your business 24/7 against any cyber attacks.


The GoCache team will create rules to ensure maximum protection against the top threats listed by OWASP.

Bot Mitigation

A equipe da GoCache irá garantir que os bads bots estão sendo bloqueados pelas ferramentas, assim como garantir que apenas os good bots fundamentais para negócio do cliente irão ser liberados.

Rate Limit

Using different request criteria, the GoCache team will define the most appropriate rates for different parts of your application, with the aim of blocking abnormal volumetrics, without these accesses reaching the hosting server

Edge Firewall

Based on business understanding and log analysis, the GoCache team will create specific access control policies to ensure greater security.

DDoS Protection

The GoCache team will ensure that DDoS attacks are properly mitigated.

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Success case stories:

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GoCache is Featured Contender at ISG Provider Leans™ 2023.

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