WordPress e Magento Plugin

Use GoCache plugins for WordPress and Magento to manage your cache clear conditions automatically, gaining productivity and increasing your delivery efficiency.

With the use of WordPress and Magento plugins and with our SmartCache feature you are sure to get the best result using our state-of-the-art platform.

This is because SmartCache also allows you to accelerate the dynamic content of the site, that is, the pages, in addition to static files of images, CSS and JavaScript.

What are the benefits of using WordPress and Magento plugins?


WordPress and Magento 1-Click Best Practices

Our Smart Cache feature allows you to apply best caching practices to your application with 1-click effort. 

Ganhe mais eficiência de cache e acelere suas aplicações em poucos minutos. 

ícones CDN_reducao de latencia

CDN with latency below 20 ms anywhere in Brazil*​

GoCache has several distribution points from North to South of the country to guarantee the best user experience for its audience. In addition, we also have 1 point of presence in Miami in the United States.


Your content delivered in real time on WordPress

Knowing the importance of keeping WordPress sites and portals updated in real time, but still with high caching efficiency, GoCache developed the plugin for WordPress.

O plugin identifica novos posts ou alterações (erratas) e realiza as limpezas de cache automaticamente, garantindo que seu conteúdo mais atualizado seja sempre entregue para seu usuário final.

Your fastest e-commerce in Magento​

Using the Magento plugin for GoCache you can dynamically cache your e-commerce, accelerating your store, giving more power to scale and reducing TTFB and load metrics. 

Isso tudo com uma integração simples que vai identificar usuários logados ou com carrinho de compras automaticamente. 


Do you use other open source solutions? Use our customization options (custom)

If you use other open source solutions or have your own operation, don't worry. Through our Smart Rules, you can easily customize all your CDN and security rules through a highly granular configuration panel. 

Want to use our plugin integrations?