Bot Mitigation

Protect systems and websites from malicious bot activity that can result in data breaches, fraud and downtime, and ensure a positive experience for your legitimate users.

Why Bot Mitigation is important:

Block malicious bots that can abuse your applications

Avoid outages:

Bots can make a massive amount of access to your application and generate unavailability of your online operation.

Web scraping prevention:

Prevent bots from collecting bulk data, such as product information or personal information.

Login and forms protection:

Block bots that specialize in attacking logins or exploiting injection flaws.

Spam prevention:

Prevent bots from spamming via contact forms or blog comments.

Prevent exploits and scans:

Block bots that map vulnerabilities in your application.

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Key Features:

  • Control BOTs by category;
  • Release legitimate BOTs;
  • Track bots that exploit your application through Edge Insights;
  • Discover scans;
  • Integration via API;
  • Integrate events with SIEM;
  • Customize exceptions;

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