Performance, security and cost reduction for your digital operation

The GoCache platform allows you to do static and dynamic caching to reduce data transfer out costs and machine usage. Compatibility with signed URL, access control via headers, among other customizable features. 

In addition, you can also integrate security services into your applications to ensure that your students are within safe environments. 

See the case os Arvore:

How do we help Edtechs and education companies?

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Delivery capillarity to ensure the best digital experience for its users throughout Brazil​

GoCache helps bring your end users closer to your application, allowing you to optimize the experience of using your application in all regions of the country. 


High performance delivery for your videos and audios

Deliver the best experience for your users by distributing your videos and audios through the GoCache network. Native support for range bytes and expiry time of up to 30 days. 

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Reduce image loading time​

In GoCache it is possible to overwrite host headers, allowing you to cache and distribute your storages (AWS, Azure, Google, etc…) with high delivery capillarity, reducing latency and data transfer out costs (bandwidth usage).


Full storage compatibility

Secure your e-commerce with GoCache SSL certificates or if you prefer, use your own SSL (simple or EV) at the edge at no additional cost.

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Multi-user dashboard with permission levels, perfect for squads

All your users with individualized access to your GoCache panel and API, making it easier to manage your accounts with different levels of access. In addition, GoCache maintains the history of changes, allowing your team to have even more control over cache and security policies.


Full integration via public API

The GoCache platform can be integrated via a public API, automating the entire process of registering new stores with multiple domains, generating free SSL, setting cache policies, viewing analytics and clearing caches in real time.  

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Increased availability and protection against attacks

Count on Firewall, Rate Limit, WAF and AntiDDoS resources to increase security and give more scalability to your application.

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