Edge Firewall

Define access rules to your sites and applications, blocking and releasing access at the edge, even before they reach your hosting. 

Why Edge Firewall is important:

Bring more security to your websites and applications by filtering your traffic before it reaches your hosting infrastructure

Real-time visibility of your blocks

Monitor your requests in real time and know exactly which blocks are being applied to your applications.

Filter your traffic before it reaches your hosting

Define efficient access criteria to optimize the security and use of your web applications.

Challenge via ReCaptcha and find out which users are legitimate

Create efficient security policies and challenge non-legitimate users and bots via ReCaptcha

Reduce infrastructure costs by blocking malicious requests

Save on infrastructure costs by blocking malicious requests at the edge, before they reach your servers.

Customize firewall criteria according to your business rules

Stay away from currency exposure and reduce your costs with servers, data transfer out and storage. 

Allow access using different firewall criteria

Merge different access criteria and ensure your team access sensitive areas safely.

Are you ready to increase the security of your applications?

Key Features:

A highly customizable Firewall solution to protect your applications

Real time control:

  • Intercepted Requests
  • Blocked Requests
  • Whitelist Requests
  • Challenged Requests
  • Events with date, time, IP address, Country, Origin and detailed action
  • Log Integration
  • Firewall Integration via Public API

Rule criteria: 

  • IP address or range
  • Country
  • Continent
  • User agent
  • Referer host
  • URI


  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • Chalange (ReCaptcha)

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