Edge Insights

Have even more visibility of your audience and accesses with dynamic and customizable reports. 

Why Edge Insights matters:

Create custom reports and have full control of your applications

Real-time 4xx and 5xx error volumetry

Easily identify 4xx and 5xx errors that are occurring on your site and application in real time.

Increase your caching efficiency and gain performance

Find out what impacts your cache efficiency and identify possible improvements in your caching rules.

Analyze your data transfer and reduce infrastructure costs

Simply identify the requests that are generating high bandwidth consumption and optimize key points in your application.

Easily identify good bots and bad bots 

Know exactly which bots access your applications and stop wasting resources on malicious bots.

Identify unwanted patterns and prevent incidents

Create custom reports and identify unwanted patterns and mitigate attacks and web incidents. 

Save your dashboards and perform routine follow-ups

Create, save and manage your reports to preserve your application with maximum security and performance.

Observabilities for your web applications

Are you ready to use Edge Insights by GoCache?

Key Features:

A fully customizable, real-time dashboard


  • Customizing columns, filters, and aggregation 
  • Create reports in different tabs to facilitate your analysis
  • Minutes to days granularity in your custom reports
  • Download analytics in CSV
  • Save analysis templates

Columns and filters: 

  • Quantity of requests
  • Data transfer
  • Date/Time
  • Hour
  • Minute
  • Timestamp
  • Method
  • Protocol
  • URL
  • HTTP scheme
  • Hostname
  • Domain
  • URI
  • IP
  • Status Code
  • Refer
  • User-agent
  • Size of request
  • Data sent
  • Request time
  • Content-Type
  • Cache Status
  • Backend
  • Device
  • Request ID
  • Autonomous System
  • Continent
  • Country
  • State
  • City

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