Public API – Integrate your application with the CDN in a simple and efficient way

Our Public API allows you to automate actions simply and effectively.

GoCache provides a Public RESTful API, which uses HTTPS and returns JSON by default. Through its use, you can integrate your application to maximize the benefits arising from the use of the CDN.

Full cache clear (purge)

With one call you can completely clear our platform's cache, forcing cached content to refresh across the entire CDN in less than 1 second.

> See documentation on full cache purge


Clear Cache by URL

It is also possible to specify only a specific page to update the content stored on the CDN, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of already cached resources.

> See documentation on clearing cache by URL

Analytics query

Have more control over your application by making Analytics queries via API in GoCache to obtain domain access statistics. 

> View documentation on Analytics Queries


Change, query, create and delete domains via API

Through GoCache's public API it is possible to change, query, create, list and remove domains. 


> See more about the Domain API documentation

Create unique tokens for your users

Have more control over your settings and security at the API level using unique tokens per user. 

> See documentation on API Tokens


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