Security for your applications and users

With more than 10 years of history, GoCache is a cutting-edge solution in Brazil, designed to meet the unique demands of financial institutions. Our web protection platform offers a robust shield against digital threats, from DDoS attacks to hacking attempts and theft of confidential information.

How do we help the financial sector with security?

Greater security of sensitive information: 

We help protect the integrity of data stored and transmitted by websites, APIs, applications and systems, such as users' personal information, preventing hackers from exploiting application layer vulnerabilities

Protection against threats in applications and APIs:

The security of websites and APIs in the financial sector plays an important role in restricting access to only authorized users, thus preserving the integrity of the data and functionalities offered. Fundamental in preventing cyber attacks and other possible security threats, ensuring the protection of financial assets and confidential information.

Improve protection of logged in areas:

Through Bot Mitigation and Rate-limit solutions, we prevent hackers from breaking passwords for logged-in areas and gaining unauthorized access to systems, which can lead to financial losses and damage to the company's reputation.

Regulatory compliance (LGPD, PCI DSS and others):

Securing applications can ensure that network security policies are adequate and that sensitive customer information is protected. Some examples of regulations that may apply to a WAF include PCI DSS and LGPD which must be followed to avoid possible fines and sanctions for not complying with the rules.

Compliance and tailored service: 

Through our Pentest services we help ensure compliance with regulations and security standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, among others. Also count on our managed service resources and have a team at your disposal to take care of all the GoCache resources your company uses. 

mTLS compatibility and customizations: 

Our platform supports mTLS and allows you to granularly customize which requests will be affected by authentication, placing the certificate to be used in these connections, taking into account whether the Client Certificate is Revoked, Empty, Server_None (If the Host does not have a certificate configured) and Success. It is also possible to customize responses in relation to each of the mTLS statuses.

Proven competence

GoCache is a featured Contender at ISG Provider Lens™  Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Brazil 2023.

And how do we protect financial applications?

Our priority is to protect our customers' websites and APIs from cyber threats and ensure the security of their confidential information.

We understand that web security is an absolute priority for any corporation, and for that reason we continuously invest in innovation and technology, ensuring that our customers have access to the best cybersecurity services available. 

Discover in detail some of our products and services that can help improve the protection of your financial applications:

ícones waf_bloqueio


Specifically designed to protect web applications against major cyber threats, following strict OWASP criteria. It works by filtering incoming traffic to a web application, blocking malicious access and allowing only legitimate traffic.

ícones edge insights_bots

Bot Mitigation

Protect systems and websites from malicious bot activity that can result in data breaches, fraud and downtime, and ensure a positive experience for your legitimate users.


ícones real time_rate limit

Rate Limit

Designed to allow you to configure a limit on the number of requests that a user or application can send in a given time, preventing system abuse such as denial of service attacks and ensuring that your applications are not overwhelmed with excessive requests.

ícones pentest_scan


GoCache's Pentest is executed by experienced cybersecurity professionals, who use their in-depth knowledge and expertise in HTTP, techniques and tools and logical approaches, with the aim of detecting security flaws and vulnerabilities in the web application that could generate incalculable financial losses and also compromise the company's reputation. 

Do you need help protecting financial applications?