Simplifique a gestão de aplicações com múltiplos domínios, proporcionando uma abordagem mais organizada e integrada.

Why Namespaces are important:

Isolation and Organization:

Separate an application's components into different namespaces, allowing you to avoid naming conflicts and more effectively organize related resources.

Simplified Setup

Activate GoCache web security solutions for all your domains with just one click.

Efficient maintenance

Create a single whitelist rule, or a new cyber security policy, and use it for a group of applications that have the same standards.

Automate processes

GoCache Namespaces can be configured through our public API, which allows the creation of automated routines that will reflect for a group of previously defined domains

Do you want help simplifying the management of multiple domains within GoCache? Talk to our team.

Proven competence

GoCache is a featured Contender at ISG Provider Lens™  Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Brazil 2023.

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