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Entregamos uma experiência digital de alta qualidade para milhões de pessoas diariamente, através de uma plataforma presente em todas as regiões do Brasil, que melhora a performance e protege mais de 150 mil websites e aplicações.

Leading companies in their segments trust GoCache

Proven competence

GoCache é destaque Contender do ISG Provider Lens™  Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Brazil 2023.


Protect your websites, applications or APIs against the main web threats using GoCache's customizable security features without any technical implementation effort.


Simplified protection against the top vulnerabilities and threats listed by OWASP.

Bot Mitigation

Protect your applications from malicious bot activity that can result in data breaches, fraud and downtime.

Rate Limit

High request rates are suspicious. Block IPs that abuse your application.

DDoS Protection

Count on a robust network in full growth to have complete and automated protection in different web layers.

GoCache Managed Security

Assumimos a responsabilidade de gerenciar e supervisionar todos os produtos de segurança que você adquiriu na GoCache.

Pentest & Vulnerability Scan

Discover vulnerabilities in your web applications before attackers can exploit security holes.

Edge Firewall

Blocks made before reaching your infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing the scalability of your applications.

Role Based Acess Control

Control your squads through a granular feature that allows for different permission levels.



Count on a network specially developed for the reality of the Brazilian market and guarantee maximum performance, scale and availability for your web applications. 


Ensure the best performance for your users using a CDN network with points of presence from north to south of the country with latency below 20 ms.

Lithium – Image Optimizer

Reduce the loading time of your pages by compressing, removing metadata and converting images to more efficient formats.

Media Delivery

Deliver on-demand and streaming video through our platform, reducing costs by bandwidth consumption, source and improving the experience of your users.

Load Balancer

Entregue uma alta disponibilidade para sua audiência e otimize o desempenho de suas aplicações, distribuindo o tráfego de forma eficiente entre os servidores.


Monitor the health of your applications down to the smallest detail, allowing you to predict failures and continuously optimize your entire web environment to ensure the growth your business deserves.

Edge Insights

Customize reports and detect abnormal behavior, unwanted patterns and more information that can help improve your application's performance and security.

Real Time Analytics

Track all your traffic in real time to ensure maximum performance and security for your applications.


Log Streaming / Log Integration (beta)

Sync your access and security logs to leading cloud storage services or your preferred SIEM.

Some of our success stories

Check out how the main e-commerce for medicines in Brazil gained more scale power and reduced CDN costs.

See how CREA-MG increased the security of its web applications with GoCache resources

See how the Arvore reading platform reduced AWS S3 costs by leveraging GoCache caching capabilities.

See how Evolua Educação has blocked more than 3 million malicious requests with the help of GoCache.

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