GoCache's CDN and Cyber ​​Security platform offers the best solutions for Startups, either through products that can improve their delivery performance or through resources that guarantee the security of their applications and APIs. 

Some Startups that rely on GoCache

How do we help Startups?

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High granularity and configuration flexibility for your Startup

GoCache's Smart Rules feature allows you to customize several rules, ensuring that your platform adopts the best caching and security practices with the least possible technical effort. 


Full integration via public API

The GoCache platform can be integrated via public API, allowing your team to get the best cache efficiency results with real-time bulk cleans. 

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Delivery capillarity to ensure the best digital experience in all regions of Brazil

GoCache helps bring your end users closer to your application, allowing you to optimize the experience of using your application in all regions of the country. 

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Multi-user dashboard with permission levels, perfect for squads

All your users with individualized access to your GoCache panel and API, making it easier to manage your accounts with different levels of access. In addition, GoCache maintains the history of changes, allowing your team to have even more control over cache and security policies.

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Security against major web attacks

Use Rate Limit, WAF and Firewall features to increase the security and control of your application with almost no technical effort. 

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