Load Balancer

Entregue uma alta disponibilidade para sua audiência e otimize o desempenho de suas aplicações, distribuindo o tráfego de forma eficiente entre os servidores e garanta uma experiência online fluida e confiável para sua audiência.

Why is Load Balancer important?

Distribute the traffic of your applications and optimize their performance

High availability for critical applications

Ensure that applications remain accessible, even in the event of server failure, maintaining system availability.

Reduction of server overload

Control the distribution of requests between servers, avoiding overloads and ensuring stable and consistent performance.

Identify the health of your origin servers

The Health Check feature continuously monitors the health of servers, checking their availability and integrity.

Eliminate lock-in to a single hosting provider

GoCache Load Balancer can be used in a multi-cloud, hybrid or on-premises architecture, regardless of the vendor.

Gradually migrate your hosting infrastructure

GoCache's Load Balancer allows you to define the percentage of traffic that should go to each server, being essential within a gradual hosting server migration process.

Do you want to implement the Load Balancer feature in your web applications?

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Proven competence

GoCache is a featured Contender at ISG Provider Lens™  Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Brazil 2023.

Key Features:

Some of the Key Features: 

  • Load balancing for multiple servers
  • Balancing with configurable percentages
  • Health Check
  • Failover
  • Backup Server
  • Sticky Session
  • Compatible with multi-cloud structures, hybrid and on-premise clouds
  • Host header and URI rewriting.

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