Content Delivery Network

Rede de distribuição de conteúdo

Count on a content distribution network with points of presence from north to south of the country, and still have control of your entire operation in real time to provide dynamic and quality experiences for your audience.

Why CDN matters:

NextGen CDN ready to deliver performance, security, scale, optimize images and bring even more observability to your applications

Real-time visibility into your delivery and security

Monitor your status code, bandwidth usage, volume of requests, security events, among others, in real time.

Reduce delivery latency across Brazil

GoCache has points of presence from north to south of the country with average latency below 20 ms.

More scaling power for your applications

Gain scaling power with dynamic caching and ensure your application is available when it matters most.

Even faster websites and apps 

Achieve maximum caching efficiency and ensure your end users have the best possible experience.

Reduce infrastructure costs 

Stay away from currency exposure and reduce your costs with servers, data transfer out and storage. 

Enhance the security of your applications and websites

Count on a highly available network to handle Layer 7 DDoS attacks and other web threats.

Shall we optimize your audience's experience and improve the security of your applications?

Key Features:

A fully customizable CDN to suit your business rules


  • Caching GET, HEAD and OPTIONS requests
  • BYPASS for cookies, request header, among others. 
  • Full integration via Public API and Terraform
  • DNS control
  • Pointing via CNAME
  • Ignore headers sent by origin 
  • Browser cache from 10 seconds to 1 year 
  • GZIP compression and Brotli 
  • Cache key customization by device type
  • Cache HTML e API 
  • Overwrite hosts header and/or URI
  • Proxy for different origins
  • Set or remove response headers
  • Cache by status code 2xx, 3xx and 4xx
  • On-demand and streaming video caching

Security and Integrations:

  • Free and unlimited SSL (Let’s Encrypt) certificate
  • Use your own certificate on the edge
  • Cache by status code 2xx, 3xx and 4xx
  • TLS 1.0 a 1.3
  • 99,99% SLA de uptime

Real time control:

  • TTL from 10 seconds to 30 days
  • Native integration with WordPress
  • Native integration with Magento
  • Cache clearing via URL, mime/type or tags instantly
  • Instant wildcard clearing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Multiuser Panel
  • Log Streaming

Some of our successful cases in CDN

Much more than a CDN.

You and your team controlling your entire web environment in real time.

Common questions

CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network (or Content Distribution Network). It is a network of servers (points of presence) that store replicas of content from other sites in memory (cache) and then deliver them to visitors, based on their geographic location to connect them to the closest and fastest server, reducing the data transfer time (latency).

The CDN will also communicate with the origin server to deliver any content that has not been previously cached. In addition, its use allows the website to better support DDoS attacks and maintain high availability, as it is simultaneously present in different datacenters.

The most modern CDNs also have features such as Dynamic Content Cache, to ease server processing and speed up pages even more, and Web Application Firewall (WAF), to provide more security to websites and e-commerces.

Content delivery networks are used for B2B interactions and delivering content to consumers.

Today, as more aspects of daily life move online, organizations are using content delivery networks to accelerate static content, dynamic content, mobile content, e-commerce transactions, video, voice, games, etc.