Regardless of your company's operating vertical, we can help you, either through products that improve the performance of your applications, security services that increase your protections or saving costs with the main clouds on the market. 

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High granularity and configuration flexibility

GoCache's CDN platform allows you to customize caching and security rules for your applications with almost no technical effort. Differentiate mobile and desktop versions with cache keys, utilize Cross Origin settings, override host headers, and more.

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Delivery capillarity to ensure the best digital experience in all regions of Brazil

The GoCache content distribution network is present from north to south of the country, ensuring that your application is delivered quickly in all regions of Brazil.


More scaling power with dynamic caching

The GoCache tool allows you to configure dynamic cache rules (html, json…) based on several criteria, such as BYPASS for cookies, allowing you to gain scaling power and reduce infrastructure costs. 

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Full integration via public API

The GoCache platform can be integrated via public API, allowing your team to get the best cache efficiency results with real-time bulk cleans.

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Real-time analytics to track the health of your application​

The GoCache control panel allows you to track the health of all domains in your account in real time, checking the volume of requests, HTTP/HTTPS errors, bandwidth consumption, average request size, among others.

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Multi-user dashboard with permission levels, perfect for squads

The GoCache platform is highly customizable and can be used on any platform or proprietary application. We have native integrations with Magento 1 and 2 and WooCoomerce, facilitating integration and enabling your application to have even more caching efficiency.


Dedicated support in Portuguese

GoCache customers have our support in Portuguese, available by ticket or through our live chat. High-volume customers have access to dedicated 24/7 service channels.

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Accelerate and reduce your storage bandwidth costs

In GoCache it is possible to overwrite host headers, allowing you to cache and distribute your storages (AWS, Azure, Google, etc…) with high delivery capillarity, reducing latency and data transfer out costs (bandwidth usage).

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Increased availability and protection against attacks

Count on Firewall, Rate Limit, WAF and AntiDDoS resources to increase security and give more scalability to your application.

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