Security Observability in Web Applications

The ability to observe and understand a web system with a security bias aims to quickly detect suspicious behavior, abnormal access patterns and application failures. This information is the basis for technology teams to investigate security incidents and create and update their web security policies through code improvements, internal processes, access control rules, and application firewall adjustments to circumvent any false positives. , thus preventing malicious users from succeeding, preventing future threats, with the guarantee that legitimate access will not be impacted

Some reasons to protect websites and APIs


Real-time monitoring:

Web security visibility allows you to monitor traffic in real time and detect suspicious activity such as hacking attempts or exploiting vulnerabilities.


Threat Detection:

Web security visibility can help identify a range of threats such as attempted injection, XSS, malicious bots, as well as access anomalies and violations in the HTTP protocol.

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Web security visibility can help ensure that a website or application complies with security regulations and standards.


Vulnerability fixes:

Web security visibility can help identify and fix vulnerabilities in the website or application, increasing your ability to prevent future threats.

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Data protection:

Web security visibility can help protect confidential and sensitive data stored on a website or application, ensuring it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Proven competence

GoCache is a featured Contender at ISG Provider Lens™  Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Brazil 2023.

And how do we secure websites and APIs?

Edge Insights for Security

Edge Security Insights is GoCache's tool that you can create your own reports and dashboards with information from events generated by GoCache's cyber security tools, helping to identify possible false positives, or whitelists that have become too permissive.

Traffic Edge Insights

Traffic Edge Insights is a GoCache tool that allows you to make custom queries on access logs and create custom reports and dashboards with URL, IP, ANS, User-agent, time, country, HTTP referer information, among other information that can help you identify abnormal access patterns and suspicious behavior.

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics is a GoCache resource that integrates a high-level view of your environment, allowing the customer to have a view of the status code of their requests, in addition to showing how many threats were identified and blocked by WAF solutions, Firewall and Rate-limit.


Integration with SIEM

GoCache allows you to integrate your security events with a SIEM tool such as Wazuh, Splunk, Qradar, among others, centralizing in a single place the view of your entire environment, allowing you to create your own alerts and automate the response to security events, increasing reaction speed and accuracy without requiring human intervention.


Success case stories:

See how Grupo Evolua Educação has blocked more than 3 million malicious requests with the help of GoCache


See how the largest communication conglomerate on the coast of São Paulo and Vale do Ribeira used GoCache's Edge Insights tools to optimize the performance and security of its website.


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