Web Application Firewall

Protect your websites and applications against attacks that can compromise the integrity of sensitive and private data. 

Use cases:

Keep your applications safe from the top vulnerabilities listed by OWASP

Protection TOP 10 OWASP vulnerabilities

Automatic protection against the most critical threats exploited in web applications, such as SQL Injection, XSS, Brute Force and others.

Change the rule sets and adapt the WAF to your application or infrastructure

Choose from different rule sets and use WAF protection methods compatible with your application or infrastructure.

Avoid false positives with simulation options and logs

Use simulation resources and generate logs, facilitating the identification of possible false positives in your application.

Automatic updates ensure continuous protection

Count on GoCache's automatic updates and keep your applications secure at all times. 

Block attacks instantly before they affect your applications

Gain the power to scale by blocking attacks at the edge, before they reach your hosting infrastructure.

Real-time visibility into your application defenses

See your WAF's blocks, releases and attack simulations in real time or integrate with your monitoring tools.

Vamos proteger suas aplicações web com o WAF mais aderente ao mercado brasileiro?

Key Features:

A customizable WAF with adaptive protections for your applications


  • Ativação simplificada
  • Modos de bloqueio, desafio e simulação
  • Habilite grupos de regras específicos
  • Habilite todo o ruleset OWASP em 1 clique

Proven competence

GoCache is the new entrant of the ISG Provider Lens™ Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services Brazil 2022.

Some of our successful cases in WAF and Cybersecurity

Common questions

A WAF, or Web Application Firewall, is a system that stands between your website or application and the rest of the internet, functioning as a barrier that blocks and protects your server against attacks by Hackers, Spammers, DDoS, SQL Injections and many other types. of Cyber ​​Attacks.

WAF in a more technical way

While proxies generally only protect clients, WAF protects servers. A WAF is implemented to protect a specific web application or set of web applications and can be considered a reverse proxy.

The web application firewall is a highly scalable filter, where a set of rules are applied to an HTTP conversation, with the objective of protecting the application from common attacks, such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection, before they reach hosting servers.