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We were born and prospered with the mission to simplify the day to day of those who manage the performance and reliability of web applications.

Since the beginning, we have built strong foundations for creating a customer-focused culture that delivers a unique experience!

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Flexibility with simplicity allows single successful delivery for the most varied use cases.

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Through our dedicated and proactive support that always resolves issues assertively.

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Through our 1-1 configuration services, 24/7 assistance, Account Management, Advanced Mitigation Services, On-call Campaigns, among others, we prove on a daily basis that we are the strategic partner your business deserves.

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A little of our history

The history of GoCache began in 2013 and was founded by Guilherme Eberhart, a professional who built a career in technology, especially in the segments of datacenter and hosting providers. During this journey, Guilherme had important passages at XPG, a free hosting provider, which at the time hosted around 1 million websites, and at UOL, where he worked in R&D, taking care of the evolution of the website hosting product at UOL Host and which had a base of 200k customers.

During his career, there was a latent perception of how difficult it was for these businesses, which need to have a good online presence, to deal with performance, scalability and application security issues.

Hence the motivation for building GoCache, which was born and prospered with the mission of “Uncomplicating the lives of those who manage the performance and reliability of web applications”.

With a strong DNA in delivering experience and excellence in service, GoCache was created with a focus on Brazil, in a market scenario dominated by international competitors such as AWS Cloudfront and Cloudflare, which ended up not looking at the specificities of the country.

The first is related to the capillarity of infrastructure, providing Points of Presence (“PoPs”) only in the Southeast region, in a country of continental dimensions and which lacks internet infrastructure in other regions. Today GoCache has 8 PoPs from North to South of Brazil, delivering low latency and great performance throughout the national territory.

The second is related to the experience delivered and the lack of location to better serve Brazilians. In general, they only delivered the platform and the market, often without the necessary technical mastery, ending up not extracting the full potential of the solution and, consequently, not having a successful delivery at the height. GoCache brings more than a platform, but also a specialty in Performance and Security, which makes all the difference in delivering Success.

Estes dois pontos, unidos a um produto simples de usar e que funciona em “realtime”, é o motor que permite a GoCache atender os mais diversos caso de uso, entregando uma experiência digital de alta qualidade para milhões de brasileiros diariamente, que acessam algum dos mais de 150 mil sites e aplicações da plataforma, além de proteger a aplicação de mais de 300 clientes.