GoCache offers a series of benefits for your cloud infrastructure, a complete package to improve performance, security, availability and resource savings.

Benefits brought by GoCache to your virtualized infrastructure

If you are using cloud based servers, GoCache is the solution you need to improve performance, security and availability for your application, at the same time saving both computing and networking resources.

Ease of Use

You can choose between using our DNS servers or just pointing specific entries (CNAME) to begin benefiting from our CDN. Simple, easy and no server migration needed.

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Search Engines consider the website loading speed, as well as its availability, some of the main factors towards its positioning in the results page. The bounce rate reduction, another factor that is considered, is also a consequence of a good navigation experience.

With GoCache your site/e-commerce improves significantly in both these aspects.

Endure visitation peaks

When you succeed in promoting your business, or has some content go viral, the worst scenario is watching your infrastructure not being able to keep up with the load from the simultaneous visits. All your efforts and investment go down the drain, just when the time came to obtain the returns.

GoCache’s platform absorbs this impact completely, so you can focus only on what really matters, selling.


Lower infrastructure and data transfer costs

Our platform absorbs the majority of the requests from your website, reaching over 90% efficiency with the use of our SmartRules and SmartCache.

As a consequence the webhosting infrastructure’s load is reduced by up to 10 times, making avaiable more processor and memory resources to deal with your checkout, avoiding failures during the process and contributing even further towards the increase in conversion rates.

Also, the data transfer that was 100% originated from your webserver, now gets server from GoCache, reducing your costs with internet bandwidth.

Focus on the business

As your webhost servers become responsible for serving only a fraction of the requests, the labour involved in keeping things up and running can be reduced, once the impact of visitation peaks and the use of infrastructure resources are brought down.

You gain more focus on your business, without the worries of managing computing capacity or an overgrown workforce.


Security with WAF

All GoCache’s plans offer a Web Application Firewall(WAF) that allows filtering and protecting against the most common web vilnerabilities, SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).


Our platform protects against the most common denial of service(DoS) attacks, such as Syn Flood and ICMP Flood, at no additional cost.

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HTTP/2 and Free SSL

GoCache’s platform is fully compatible with the HTTP/2 protocol, which significantly improves performance. All our plans include a SSL certificate generated by GoCache, with no additional cost.