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SSL Certificates – secure encryption for safer communications

GoCache offers 3 alternatives of SSL usage: Free, Owned or Combined.
You choose the model which better suits your needs.

What is SSL?

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, a communications protocol which encrypts the pages before they get transfered over the internet, authenticating the involved parts. It creates a cryptographed channel between the web server and the browser, assuring the security and safety of the data transmitted, helping make safer the use of credit cards for online payments, or the user authentication into a sensible website area. A website is recognized as safe by its users when they see the “closed lock” in the navigaton bar by the website’s address.

Beyond the benefits in security, SSL has recently been included as an important SEO factor, and its use helps improve the positoning of a website in the Search Engines Results Pages(SERPs).

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Free SSL, automatic and included in all plans. Practical and economic.

Ideal for the cost oriented who need a certificate and don’t want to go through the troubles of acquiring, installing and maintaining their own. It can be created and activated in our control panel so that the entire site navigates in HTTPS.

Combine your own SSL certificate with GoCache’s free

You can use your own certificate installed in your hosting server and GoCache’s free certificate at the CDN‘s edge. This makes for a fast and easy configuration and encryption from end-to-end.

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Owned SSL Certificate

If you prefer to acquire your own certificate you can install it on the CDN through the control panel for no additional cost. If you have an EV certificate this is ideal for you.