GoCache CDN

Next-gen CDN platform improves performance, security and reduces costs of your site in just 5 minutes.

Your website faster, safer, scalable and highly available.

No hosting migration required.

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CDN – Content Delivery Network

With cutting edge proprietary technology and points of presence across 3 continents (as well as the entire brazilian territory), GoCache improves de delivery of both static and dynamic content for any website, e-commerce, mobile app or API.

Our platform reduces render and page load time, increasing conversion rates and improving the websites positioning in Search Engine Results Pages, resulting in better SEO.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

GoCache’s WAF protects against the most critical web threats, such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and Remote File Inclusion.

It has detailed customization options and can be fully configured in real-time in our control panel.

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SSL e HTTP/2 included in all plans

You don’t need to worry about acquiring, installing and maintaining your own SSL certificate anymore, GoCache generates and maintains a free SSL certificate for you to use. If you already own a certificate and want to install it on our platform, no problem, we can do that for no additional charges.

WPO – Web Performance Optimization

We offer exclusive technologies in order to improve web application performance.

SmartCache: GoCache’s exclusive feature that allows for fast and reliable caching of both static and dynamic content on WordPress, Magento ou Joomla with just one button click in our Control Panel.

SmartRules: flexible and detailed rules that can be configured to cache content considered “uncacheable” by other CDNs.


CDN Analytics

Real-time reports help with capacity planning, troubleshooting and maximizing cache efficiency for your application and hosting infrastructure.

Public API

Our API allows for the instant purge of the objects stored at GoCache, keeping your site’s information always up-to-date. Every feature of GoCache can be configured and modified through our API.